Many investigation lines in this institute rely on the magnetic and electric properties of the materials being investigated. Most of the characterization carried out requires the use of very precise measurement systems. In order to satisfy the intensive demand of measurements of this nature, the Low Temperature and Magnetometry Service was created.

The Low Temperature and Magnetometry Service is part of the ICMAB Scientific Technical Services Unit and its facilities are available to all the research crew of the Institute, as well as, to external users. It is devoted to the measurement of the magnetic, electric properties under specific conditions of external magnetic field and temperature.

In order to achieve the demand, the Service is equipped with two SQUID based magnetometers (Quantum Design MPMS system), devoted to magnetometry measurements and two Quantum Design PPMS systems, devoted to electrical transport measurements, as well as magnetometry measurements.

A User Commission supervises the proper operation of the Service and meets once a year in order to satisfy this supervision task as well as to take the appropriate decisions for the optimization of the Service operation.