Data delivery

The data corresponding to the measurements is automatically copied to the Service local network resource (\\neolabs\labbtym) once a measurement session is finished.

Output data format is, by default, comma separated values with the relevant measurement fields included. Other secondary data fields are omitted.

If requested, original or RAW data files or data in other formats can also be delivered.

Please, find your data at the following local network folders:

Equipment Network resource
MPMS XL-7T (S1) \\neolabs\labbtym\squid i
MPMS XL-7T (S2) \\neolabs\labbtym\squid ii
MPMS-3 (SQUID-VSM) \\neolabs\labbtym\squidvsm
PPMS (P1) \\neolabs\labbtym\ppms i
PPMS (P2) \\neolabs\labbtym\ppms ii
PPMS (P3) \\neolabs\labbtym\ppms iii

External users or users not having access to the ICMAB local network can have their data emailed or copied to removable media upon request.