Quantum Design MPMS-XL and MPMS3


Both magnetometers are based on a SQUID detector that is able to determine extremelly low magnetization signals present in the material under study. This magnetization can be evaluated under several conditions of external magnetic field and temperature.The core system consists of a superconducting longitudinal solenoid able to generate mangetic fields up to 70kOe. The system has also able to precisely control the temperature at the sample space at any value from 2K to 400K with a stability condition of les than 0.1% of oscillation.

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Quantum Design PPMS System


PPMS System bundles the same core system as the MPMS-XL, except for the SQUID detection system. A pinout system is available instead, thus making it possible to electrically contact the sample under study and measure its transport properties (resistance, Hall effect, magnetoresistance…).The core system makes possible to generate magnetic fields up to 90kOe and to control the sample space temperature to any value between 2K and 400K with a stability condition of less than 0.1% of oscillation.

PPMS is not only limited to electrical measurements, since the electrical contacts at the sample chamber can be used as an interface to more sofisticated measurement systems such as a VSM magnetometer, AC Susceptometer…

It’s plugin concept allows, also, to integrate 3rd party instrumentation on the system.

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