Quantum Design MPMS-3

The MPMS-3 system is the new generation of SQUID detector based magnetometers. It offers an enchanced performance of temperature stabilization, magnetic field stability when compared to those exhibited by the MPMS-XL system. This fact reduces the measurement noise, allowing the obtention of cleaner measurements for those samples with extremelly low magnetic moment.

The core system consists of a superconducting longitudinal solenoid able to generate mangetic fields up to 70kOe. The system has also able to precisely control the temperature at the sample space at any value from 2K to 400K with a stability condition of less than 0.1% of oscillation.


Maximum field: ±70kOe

Temperature range: 2K-400K

Two measurement modes: DC (continuous sample motion through the pick-up coils) and VSM (vibration sample motion around the center of the pick-up coils)

Sensivity at low field: 10-7emu for DC mode, 10-8emu for VSM mode