Quantum Design MPMS-XL

This magnetometer is based on a SQUID detector that is able to determine extremelly low magnetization signals present in the material under study. This magnetization can be evaluated under several conditions of external magnetic field and temperature.

The core system consists of a superconducting longitudinal solenoid able to generate mangetic fields up to 70kOe. The system has also able to precisely control the temperature at the sample space at any value from 2K to 400K with a stability condition of les than 0.1% of oscillation.


Maximum field: ±70kOe

Temperature range: 2K-400K

Two measurement modes: DC (continuous sample motion through the picking coils) and RSO (oscillatory motion through the pickup coils)

Sensivity at zero applied field, magnet in persistent mode: 10-5emu for DC mode, 10-7emu for RSO mode

Measurement options

UItra-Low field option

Useful for ensuring real zero field cooling processes, since the option is able to cancel the mangetic field at a certain working point.