Layer deposition/Layer growth

One way for the production of high-performance devices is through molecular deposition or through molecular growth on a substrate. Both, are advanced techniques that result in nanostructured materials composed by a layer or multiple layers of a target material.

Deposition layer techniques can be classified in physical and chemical. Within physical deposition methods, Nanoquim Platform has sputtering, thermal evaporation, electron-beam, and spin-and dip-coating technologies available for all users. Regarding chemical methods, the Facility is provided with an atomic layer deposition and an inkjet printer. The growth of nanostructured materials can be achieved by using an ion milling, numerous furnaces and a rapid thermal annealing system also available in the Laboratories.

Nanoquim Platform service covers most of the deposition and growth techniques towards the production of new and advanced materials. Researchers from public or private companies can develop their experiments in it. 

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