The electron microscopy service was created in 2008 and is mainly dedicated to research groups of the Institute, but it can be accessible to external users as well.

The service consists of a scanning electron microscope (SEM) QUANTA FEI 200 FEG-ESEM installed in September 2008 (substituting an old PHILIPS 515 acquired in 2004 as a result of a process of reallocation between the CSIC centres CID and ICMAB) and a transmission electron microscope JEOL 1210 acquired in 1991.

With the acquisition of the new SEM, the service provides ICMAB with a powerful and versatile tool capable to combine routine daily work with cutting-edge research. As a general strategy, this way the service aims at satisfying in-house the increasing demand of high-profile nanostructural characterization, thus eliminating technical limits imposed by external scientific-technical services..To promote an efficient exploitation, the service offers:

1) Technical support given by two high-profiled (doctor) staff members.

2) Electronic management.

3) Effective user-training system by technical staff, oriented to achieve a maximum degree of self-service.