Equipment TEM

Transmission electron microscope (TEM) 120 KV JEOL 1210.


The 120 KV JEOL 1210  TEM features a high angular range (Tilt X= ± 60o, Tilt Y= ± 30o)  providing a unique facility in the area of Barcelona for exploring large volumes of the reciprocal lattice by electron diffraction. It has technical support by a high profile (Dr) staff member. With a resolution below 3.2 Å this equipment is useful for  low resolution structure imaging and characterization of nanoparticulate systems.

When operating in image mode TEM provides information about the size, morphology and microstructure of the samples.In diffraction mode, it allows the determination of the cell parameters, space group and superstructures, incommensurate modulations, etc.

The transmission electron microscope service is equipped with:

Holder: Analytical specimen holder, doble tilt ( Tilt X=± 60o, Tilt Y=± 30o ) GATAN 646.

Camera: ORIUS 831 SC 600, GATAN. 



TEM pictures of different materials obtained by the Transmission Electron Microscope  JEM-1210 (JEOL), operating at 120 KV.







Equipment SEM

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) QUANTA FEI 200 FEG-ESEM:

The Quanta 200 ESEM FEG from FEI is a special and advanced type of high performance scanning electron microscope (SEM).

The FEI Quanta 200 FEG is a state of the art field emission microscope that allows nanometer level inspection of materials.