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We offer a broad range of services, including Topography, PFM, EFM, KPFM, CSAFM, PCAFM and SThM. Send us the Request Form to get a quotation.

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We offer reliable, fast and cost effective experiments based in SPM. Image gallery and publications speak for us, check them out by clicking here.

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What is the Scanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory?

The Scanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory is a 28m2 facility located inside the Institute of Material Science of Barcelona. The service is focused in providing state-of-the-art technologies to characterize materials at the nanoscale. Based in the SPM principale, the service is specialized in providing reliable, fast and low cost Topography images as well as advanced modes. We can perform the following experiments:

- Dynamic and Contact Atomic Force Microscopy
- Piezoresponse Force Microscopy
- Electrostatic Force Microscopy
- Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
- Scanning Thermal Microscopy (from 2Q 2016)
- Current Atomic Force Microscopy
- Photoconductive Atomic Force Microscopy.

The Lab is divided in 5 different subsections:

# SPM1 : Keysight 5100 available for topographic images in contact and dynamic mode, in liquid, ambient air or low humidity enviroments.
# SPM2: Keysight 5500LS available for PFM, EFM, KPFM, SthM, CSAFM, PCAFM with versatile accesories.
# SPM3: Keysight 5500 available for PFM, topography images and new modes development.
# SPM4: Nanotec Cervantes available for Topographic images as well as a nano positioning system.
# EDD: Electronic Devices Developments, special area to develop new accessories for existing SPMs.

There two technicians in the Lab:

Maite Simón Sorbed
Andrés Gómez Rodríguez