The X-ray Diffraction Laboratory is a consolidated service of the ICMAB institute. The main objective of the service is to meet the needs of the different departments of the center offering the maximum possible benefits to the institute users and it is also available to external users.

Based on the principles of X-ray diffraction, a wealth of structural and microstructural information about crystalline materials can be derived. In materials science, knowledge of the structure and composition of the materials studied is a key requirement for understanding their properties.

Our fast, accurate and customized services include data collection, qualitative and quantitative phase analysis as well as texture measurements (pole figures), residual stress, reciprocal space maps, etc. The most common function of the service is the acquisition of X-ray diffraction data under different conditions, e.g. by using flat sample and Bragg-Brentano geometry, thin film diffraction, texture determination on layers, microdiffraction and qualitative analysis in capillary materials.