The x-ray diffraction laboratory has this diffractometers:

  • Siemens D-5000 

The Siemens D-5000 is a powder diffractometer well suited for the analysis of powder samples and qualitative analysis. The specifications of this diffractometer are:

  • Cu radiaton tube
  • Two arms can move independently
  • Secondary monochromator 
  • Scintillation detector
  • Temperature chamber (Anton Paar TTK 450) with a range between -193ºC to 450ºC (in vacuum conditions).

The applications for this diffractometer are:

  • Standar powder diffraction




  • Bruker D8 Advance  (GADDS) 

This unit is equipped with a centric Eulerian cradle and a VANTEC-500 area detector. This combination gives the Bruker D8 the capability to handle tasks such as phase identification and quantification, textural and residual stress analysis, determination of particle size, percent crystallinity, and structural identification.

It has this specifications:

  • Cu radiaton tube
  • Göbel Mirror
  • Collimator (0,5 mm, 0,3 mm, 0,1 mm)
  • XYZ stage
  • Vantec 500 Area Detector.

The applications for this diffractometer are:

  • Standard Microdiffraction analysis
  • Stress analysis
  • Texture analysis
  • X-Y mapping of flat samples



  • Bruker D8-Discover 

The D8 DISCOVER is an X-ray diffraction instrument, perfect for thin film application, equipped with four motorized axes stage, having as typical applications: XR Reflectometry, Rocking measurements, RSM measurements and structural phase identification.

The equipment can works in two differents configurations, Bragg-Brentano and Parallel configuration. 

The specifications of this diffractometer are:

  • Centric Eulerian Cradle
  • Twin Cu radiaton tube (lineal or point beam)
  • Göbel Mirror 600mm length
  • 2-Bounce monochromator Acc2 (Ge022) primary monochromator
  • Knife Edge Collimator 
  • Lynxeye XE-T Detector
  • Pathfinder 1-Bounce (Ge022) secondary monochromator with scintillation dectector
  • XYZ stage
  • Tilt Stage with Xi Zeta angles

The applications for this difractometer are:

  • High-resolution X-ray diffraction
  • X-ray reflectometry
  • Grazing incidence diffraction (GID)
  • Stress analysis
  • Texture analysis
  • X-Y mapping of flat samples
  • Standard powder diffraction



  • Bruker D8 Advance A25

The D8 Advance A25 is equipped by two different configurations, Bragg-Brentano geometry with electrochemical cell (Cu radiation) and Debye-Scherrer geometry (Mo radiation) with a Johansson monochromator for capillary measurements.

The specifications are:

  • Cu radiation tube for electro-chemical cell
  • Mo radiaton tube for capillary
  • Johanson primary monochromator for Mo radiation
  • Electro-chemical cell
  • Lynxeye XE-T detector
  • Capillary sample stage
  • Powder sample stage
  • Powder mutliple sample

The applications for this diffractometer are:

  • Standar powder diffraction
  • Capillary diffraction
  • Transmission standard diffraction



Powder Diffraction Software:

EVA – Phase identification and quantitative phase analysis

TOPAS – Profile analysis, quantitative analysis, structure analysis

Materials Research Software:

MULTEX –Texture analysis

LEPTOS – Thin film analysis/Residual stress